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Earthquake Resilience in Hospitals: OasisPlus Cases Studies
KMI Information Series Webinar + Q&A!!!

When an earthquake strikes, the focus of concern quickly turns to critical infrastructure and services. Chief among these is access to healthcare facilities and the services they provide. It's imperative that these regional hubs remain in operation as the community's need for hospitals increases during and after a seismic event.

In this informative webinar + Q&A, Dr. Derek Skolnik will review how two hospitals in areas with high seismic activity have implemented the use of real-time earthquake response systems and procedures. He will outline how these organizations have built resilience into each aspect of their respective implementations to ensure access to critical decision-making information before, during, and after an event. Suggestions on how similar critical organizations can learn from these implementations will also be provided.

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Dr. Derek Skolnik
@Kinemetrics, Inc.
Dr. Derek Skolnik is a California licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Ph.D in civil engineering from UCLA. He joined the Kinemetrics OSS team in 2009 bringing expertise in several applications of building instrumentation such as structural health monitoring (SHM) and post-event assessment. Dr. Skolnik’s primary focuses is on the design, development, and implementation of SHM and strong-motion systems, as well as providing the highest quality of associated services. In the past few years, he has traveled globally in delivering SHM platform, training end users, and participating in international conferences and meetings.